Keep it simple a basic smoothie includes fruit liquid or yogurt and ice all you need to do is dump all the ingredients in your blender and blend on high until its smooth switch up sweeteners most of these smoothies call for a little bit of honey about a tablespoon but you can also use maple syrup a pitted date or plain sugar.

That rsquo s the abbreviated title the full name is the raw vegan anti cancer super anti oxidant coconut fruit smoothie this recipe was given to me as part of my anti cancer diet by my nutritionist and i rsquo ve been drinking it nearly everyday since 2004 either as a meal or a snack surgeon generals warning.

That rsquo s why you rsquo ll see in our basic smoothie recipe we have about 1 cup of liquid to 2 cups of frozen fruit you rsquo ll also see that we don rsquo t use ice in our smoothies because we find that ice dilutes the flavor and defeats the purpose of using frozen fruit 2 cups frozen fruit banana strawberries mixed berry pineapple tropical blend.

Ginger carrot smoothie add frac12 teaspoon grated ginger to the mix it adds a spicy brightness and pairs well with carrots if you don rsquo t have fresh try frac14 teaspoon ground ginger coconut carrot smoothie make it creamy by replacing half the orange juice with coconut milk carrot mango smoothie double the mango for more of a mango flair.

Protein shakes are a vital component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle especially if you work out often or have an active lifestyle a protein shake is a great and quick way to get the vital nutrients your body needs to recover and stay healthy you can easily mix your favorite fruits protein.

Place smoothie in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to 1 day to make ahead measure out your spinach and fruit ingredients for one smoothie and store in a ziptop bag in the freezer repeat as desired store for up to 3 months and remove each bag as needed for ready made portions more simple healthy smoothie recipes strawberry.

The best basic smooth creamy green smoothie so easy ndash just blend peaches mango kale almond milk and ginger honey or cinnamon if you want too the fructose in a heavy on the fruit smoothie like this is something you might want to stay away from if you rsquo re serious about avoiding sugar 01 08 18 2 07 pm.

Place fruit in a large saucepan add a half cup of water for every 4 cups of chopped fruit bring to a simmer cover and let cook on a low heat for 10 15 minutes or until the fruit is cooked through uncover and stir use a potato masher to mash up the fruit in the pan.

In addition to exotic fruits tropical fruit box also sells fresh ginger and turmeric the perfect addition for a diy smoothie all boxes come with free shipping and will arrive via ups within one week of ordering bundle two or more boxes together to receive a 5 percent discount.

Our take on paula wolfert rsquo s daily ldquo gritty rdquo mdash the opposite of a smoothie thanks to all the nuts seeds and spices the walnut flaxseed combination adds 2 000mg omega 3s to this satisfying sip along with a pleasantly nutty balance to the sweet mango and bright citrus.