The easiest no bake protein balls on the internet with four different flavors ndash chocolate peanut butter tahini chocolate chip cinnamon raisin and almond joy take 10 minutes to whip up a batch of these protein balls and snack healthy all week long who knew one snack could have so many names protein balls energy bites just ldquo balls rdquo.

Chocolate protein balls sun warrior flax meal vanilla protein vanilla extract raw honey brown rice and 4 more gingerbread protein balls the lean green bean molasses sea salt ground flax seeds coconut finely chopped pecans hellip.

You can use chocolate protein powder to make chocolate protein balls or swap in another flavor you enjoy chocolate fans be sure to check out these chocolate peanut butter energy balls coconut flour this once trendy ingredient is now mainstream coconut flour can be used instead of oats in protein balls.

Blueberry muffin protein balls ndash add 1 4 cup of freeze dried blueberries to the batter along with 1 8 teaspoon of vanilla extract chocolate chip cookie dough protein balls ndash use vanilla protein powder and add 1 4 cup mini chocolate chips.

These pumpkin protein balls are a perfect no bake dessert or snack it rsquo s a sweet chocolatey protein filled treat you can make no matter the season they rsquo re a little spiced high protein vegan with the right chocolate chips and gluten free.

This simple and healthy no bake oatmeal protein energy balls recipe is perfect for easy snacking on the go with rolled oats protein powder peanut butter and a touch of honey these energy balls will keep you satisfied for hours.

Rolled oats oats not only add a healthy dose of fiber to these balls but they give these protein balls a nice bite and act as a great binder to soak up extra moisture honey honey is both the sweetener and the glue that holds these balls together don rsquo t skip it chia seeds these protein balls are a great source of protein and fiber and omega 3 fatty acids because of these hellip.

A mix of protein packed ingredients like peanut butter protein powder flaxseeds and chia seeds along with a touch of honey for natural sweetness and chocolate chips for good measure these easy protein balls take fewer than 15 minutes to pull together and don rsquo t require any special equipment.

Chocolate protein powder i tested the recipe with a macro mike almond protein powder and nu zest pea protein power any chocolate protein powder will work but each brand has different sweetness and amount of fiber so you may have to adjust milk sweetener to reach your favorite texture.

Firefighter tim rsquo s chocolate peanut butter cookie balls banana peanut butter protein smoothie by tierra carpenter posted nov 24 2021 01 55 pm est updated nov 24 2021 03 59 pm est.

Chocolate ndash replace 1 2 tablespoons of the protein powder with cocoa powder to make your low carb protein balls chocolate throughout coconut ndash roll the protein balls in unsweetened coconut flakes instead of or in addition to the chopped peanuts storage instructions to store refrigerate for up to 7 days.

An easy 4 ingredient recipe for no bake low carb keto chocolate peanut butter protein balls a thick and fudgy peanut butter center covered in a sugar free chocolate these 5 minute keto chocolate peanut butter fat bombs are a quick healthy dessert or protein packed snack with a peanut free option paleo vegan gluten free.

Chocolate covered peanut butter balls recipe is so easy to make and taste great peanut butter balls recipe taste amazing for any occasion try this simple peanut butter balls recipe peanut butter balls are so creamy and covered with yummy chocolate learn how to make peanut butter balls.

I actually ended up getting a smoothie post workout and it was my inspiration for this recipe there rsquo s nothing like banana chocolate protein after a workout thirst quenching and delicious speaking of protein check out our protein powder review here we chat all about the best protein powder specifically for smoothies.

To make the chocolate coating in a double boiler melt together the chocolate chips and butter i use two forks to dip the coconut balls one at a time after rolling in the chocolate i lift the dipped chocolate ball and let the excess chocolate drip off before placing them back onto the sheet to let the chocolate set.

Call em energy balls call em protein bites no matter the name these protein packed snacks will help combat your 3 p m blues choose from one of these 45 recipes ranging from fruity bites to.

Chocolate chips we wanted these protein balls to taste a little bit like cookie dough so we added some mini dark chocolate chips skip them if hellip.

Easy no bake chocolate rum balls recipe homemade with simple ingredients these truffles are full of oreos dark rum and covered in melted white chocolate this is truly a classic old fashioned christmas candy christmas is coming soon and with it comes all the delicious treats this recipe is no exception the rich flavors and delectable texture of smooth hellip.

Substitutions and additions almonds add roasted almonds to your coconut balls to make them taste just like an almond joy candy bar you could also replace the vanilla extract with almond extract for added almond flavor peanut butter you could also replace the white chocolate chips with peanut butter chips for a chocolate peanut butter ball sea salt hellip.

Powdered sugar powdered sugar will add that extra sweetness to take your peanut butter balls with graham crackers from good to great graham crackers these are the icing on the cake for this recipe crush them well so they mix well with the rest of the recipe semi sweet chocolate chips you want to select quality chocolate chips because they will coat your hellip.

Chocolate filled peanut butter energy balls makes ndash 14 balls ingredients 110g 1 cup oat flour ndash plain rolled oats blended into a flour in the food processor use gluten free oats if necessary 125g 1 2 cup peanut butter 3 tbsp maple syrup 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 4 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 40g 1 4 cup dairy free chocolate chips for the.

The recipe ratio amounts were perfect just the right amount of chocolate to pb balls for those who are addicted to their kitchen scales to make sure all the balls are the same size a 1 inch ball mentioned that comes out with approximately 40 balls total weighs 20 grams each thanks for the tasty easy recipe.

Shape into balls using approximately 2 teaspoons in each ball place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or waxed paper chill for a minimum of 30 minutes before dipping in chocolate meanwhile in a double boiler over low heat melt together the chocolate chips and shortening stirring often until smooth and creamy.

These oreo balls are similar to the mint oreo truffles for st patrick rsquo s day but they are decorated especially for christmas oreo balls for christmas ingredients mint oreo cookies ndash you will need a whole family size package cream cheese almond bark ndash you can also use chocolate chips or other chocolate for melting i like almond bark.

Protein powder in oatmeal i know adding protein powder to oatmeal might seem like something only body builders or athletes do but i have been adding protein powder to my oatmeal and i love it it adds a ton of protein is super simple to add and can add a fun flavor to the oatmeal as well this chocolate peanut butter protein oatmeal gets its chocolate flavor hellip.