Rotisserie chicken frozen peas and a jar of alfredo sauce which serves as the backbone of this highly comforting pot of soup keep your hands on prep to a minimum this convenience factor coupled with the fact that it rsquo s is a guaranteed kid pleasing recipe makes this soup a perfect go to for hectic weeknights.

Easy on the wallet but still full of flavor these easy cheap chicken recipes are about to become regulars on your menu with a new cheap chicken dinner idea for every day of the month we promise you wont get bored mdash but you will save a lot of cash thats because we did the math and can confirm each of these delicious yet cheap chicken dishes falls under 3 per hellip.

The 1 diet for health the dash diet dietary approaches to stop hypertension may help you lower your blood pressure lose weight reduce your diabetes risk and improve your overall health the dash diet plan is all about filling your plate with healthy wholesome foods like fruits and vegetables low fat dairy whole versus refined grains and lean protein especially hellip.

15 easy canned chicken recipes to make when you need to cut down on prep time with a 15 minute cook time this recipe certainly lives up to its name slow cooker rotisserie chicken.

Some recipes below are casseroles made with condensed soups and others are made with homemade sauces many of these dishes are a snap to prepare making them excellent options for busy weeknights to save time most of these chicken casserole recipes use cooked chicken whether leftovers or store bought rotisserie chicken or chicken strips.

Recipe chicken salad stuffed tomatoes while this 15 minute recipe calls for quick homemade chicken salad made with a rotisserie chicken you can also pick up a pint from your favorite deli or lunch spot to fill the tomatoes.