Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes Tips Can you use half and half instead of milk? If you’ve got a container of half and half in the fridge but are low on milk, you can use half and half in this recipe! You can also use heavy cream or full-fat milk for even richer mashed potatoes. Deselect All. 3 1/2 pounds russet potatoes. 2 tablespoons kosher salt. 16 fluid ounces (2 cups) half-and-half. 6 cloves garlic, crushed. 6 ounces grated Parmesan Yellow-fleshed potatoes, like Yukon gold, are dense, creamy and moderately starchy, making them perfect for mashed potatoes-especially these vegan spuds, which have no dairy and are low in ... Nov 14, 2018 · If you’re looking for a fuss-free healthy version of mashed potatoes, I think you’ll be very pleased with my recipe. These lighter mashed potatoes are made with naturally buttery yukon potatoes. I boil the potatoes with whole garlic cloves, and then mash them with sour cream, vegetable broth and a … These garlic mashed potatoes are rich and very tasty! For a creamier texture, use heavy cream in place of the milk. These are also terrific topped with green onions. By LORNASCHMALZ. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes. Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes . Rating: 4.61 stars. 683 .