Itzy members profile itzy is a 5 member south korean girl group under jyp entertainment the members of group are chaeryeong yuna yeji ryujin and lia group ldquo itzy rdquo revealed on january 20 2019 under ldquo jyp entertainment rdquo jyp entertainment is a south korean entertainment company founded in may 1997 by j y park.

Introduction to itzy ldquo all in us hello we are itzy rdquo itzy is a five member girl group under jyp entertainment they debuted on february 12 2019 with the digital single album itz different prior to their debut the members had previous experience in the industry.

In this page you can quickly check the age of the itzy members today and on their debut their age is updated on load so its always updated to their current age itzy members current ageitzy members age when they debutedgo back to the k pop members age and debut age lists index page.