Cooked chicken breast shredded you can also use shredded rotisserie chicken just make sure you remove the skin garnishes chopped cilantro thinly sliced seeded jalapeno shredded cheese and sour cream how to make chicken chili its easy scroll down to the recipe card for detailed instructions here are the basic steps 1.

Healthy chicken breast recipes credit photo christopher testani potpie is a great way to use up leftover chicken or turkey and thatll shave a few minutes off your cook time too just skip step 2 add chicken to a warmed dutch oven and start the recipe at step 3 thickening the sauce in the pan before the pie goes into the oven.

Here the mexican classic takes a detour to greece with pita chips a shredded greek salad and crumbled feta rotisserie chicken breast makes this meal even easier though this dish is a great use for any leftover cooked chicken bring the whole pan to the table and cut into servings like you would a square pizza.

Use up cooked chicken from a roast dinner with our leftover chicken recipes you can swap the cooked chicken breast in these recipes for leftover roast chicken from any part of the bird.

Thank you for reading my ip chicken breast recipe post and please come visit again as i continue to slice dice and dream up affordable air fryer recipes instant pot recipes southern recipes and more thanks for supporting recipes from a pantry food blog get the easy instant pot chicken breast recipe originally published jan 2018.

In lieu of the traditional pork or chicken showcase some leftover turkey in this vietnamese inspired sandwich piled high with pickled veg and spicy mayo get the recipe for spicy banh mi.

2 cooked skinless chicken breast preferably organic shredded or cubed you can use leftover roasted chicken chicken that has been cooked in an instant pot or slow cooker then shredded or chicken that has been boiled best chicken casserole recipes healthy from healthy spinach artichoke chicken casserole.