Because this old fashioned cream cheese pound cake is dense and heavy it packs and travels well and keeps for days and if youd like to try a pound cake that uses whipping cream instead of cream cheese i suggest aunt sues famous pound cake from my friend christy pound cake pan lets talk about the pan youre going to cook your pound cake in.

For thanksgiving i made a cream cheese pound cake 7 up pound cake cranberry sauce and o lord the yeast rolls darling you have it going on for christmas i am making another cream cheese pound cake a five flavor pound cake 2 hellip.

The rich pound cake flavor and dense texture of this cake make it an amazing cake by itself but the addition of this cream cheese glaze gives it a delicious tanginess that plus the fact that this is such an easy recipe that is so versatile make it a must have for any cake baker rsquo s recipe collection.

Sour cream pound cake is a traditional bundt cake that is easy to make it rsquo s simple flavor makes the cake a great base to fruit toppings and ice cream you may also like our honey pound cake and lemon pound cake sour cream pound cake recipe a traditional old fashioned pound cake is a recipecontinue reading.

This cream cheese pound cake is one of paula deen rsquo s classic recipes it rsquo s probably a recipe very similar to the pound cake recipe that you already have in your recipe files it rsquo s so delicious how to make paula deen rsquo s cream cheese pound cake you rsquo ll need a hellip.

Eggs ndash this pound cake uses three room temperature eggs sour cream ndash after thorough testing of this recipe over a dozen cakes were made in the past week alone hellip i realized that i definitely prefer a pound cake made with sour cream incredible moisture buttermilk and greek yogurt are alternatives and can be swapped in 1 1 ratio if you.

Classic pound cake serving ideas you can enjoy this classic pound cake in so many different ways serve it as is or top it with various additions to make simple but delicious desserts check out these creative ways to serve this classic moist pound cake berries and cream raspberries strawberries blueberries or any other type of berry.

A pound cake is an old fashioned primarily southern dessert recipe that features heavy ingredient ratios for example one pound of butter one pound of sugar one pound of eggs and one pound of flour this is a heftier kind of cake due to the weight of ingredients a true pound cake will have a traditionally dense buttery flavor and silky.

How to make butter pecan pound cake there are only 5 ingredients in this cake ndash cake mix water oil eggs and frosting simply mix everything together with a hand mixer pour into a bundt cake pan and bake.

What is a pound cake pound cakes have been around forever but many people don rsquo t know what makes a cake a pound cake originally they were made with 1 pound of flour 1 pound of butter 1 pound of eggs and 1 pound of sugar over the years the recipes have evolved and many have gotten away from the one pound ingredients.

At the top of the charts is heavy cream sometimes also called heavy whipping cream which contains about 38 percent fat it rsquo s pretty much indistinguishable from whipping cream mdash both can be whipped churned into ice cream and added to soups and sauces without the risk of curdling.